2017 Municipal Election

The Town of Turner Valley is holding a municipal election in the fall of 2017 in accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) and the needs of the community. Local elections in the Province of Alberta are governed by the LAEA, and other election-related regulation.

The Town of Turner Valley, and the local school boards, are required to hold an election every four years.

Important Dates

Nomination Day: Monday, September 18, 2017
Election Day: Monday, October 16, 2017

Elected Municipal Positions

The following roles will be filled through the 2017 municipal election:

One Mayor, elected at large
Six Councillors, elected at large

Candidates are advised to read the contents of the LAEA as there may be severe penalties (including fines, imprisonment and disqualification from elected office) if you are found to be in breach of its provisions, as well as Running for Municipal Office in Alberta: A Candidate’s Guide.

Notice of Intent to Run: Candidates intending to run in the upcoming election must first register with the municipality in which they  intend to run prior to accepting any campaign contributions.

Those individuals interested in running for the positions of Mayor or Councillor must file a notice of intent to run with the municipal office before accepting or allocating any funds towards an election campaign.

Individuals who choose to file a notice of intent to become candidates are permitted to begin fundraising and receiving donations for their campaign. Anyone intending to self-fund their campaign is not required to file a notice of intent, in accordance with the LAEA, section 147.21.

A directory of individuals that file a notice of intention to run will be maintained by the Municipal Returning Officer.

This directory is public and will be posted on the 2017 election page. Changes to any of the information within the registry must be reported to the municipality within 48 hours in writing by mail, fax or electronic mail.

Note: Campaign signs are not allowed to be posted, on public or private property, until eight weeks before Election Day.

Anyone considering running for municipal office with questions about the process and the rules, may contact the Legislative Services Manager.


Heather Thomson
Legislative Services Manager