Providing environmental products and services is the core business of nearly 1,330 companies in Alberta, generating revenue of over $2.8 billion annually.

Areas of Alberta expertise include:
  • Remediation – land, water, climate change solutions
  • Waste management
  • Bio-based, value-added products
High growth sub-sectors include:
  • Climate change management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative fuels and vehicles

(Source: www.albertacanada.com)

Future global spending in the environmental services sector is expected to see average annual growth between 4.7% and 7.7% over the next ten years, outpacing the global economic GDP growth of 3.5%.

(Source: www.eco.ca/pdf/Canadian-Environmental-Sector-Trends-2010.pdf)

The Foothills Region aims to capitalize on the competitive advantage of engineering talent in the Calgary Region, the nature-based inclination of people and places in the region, a backdrop of geographic beauty and a modest presence of environmental industries and services to attract manufacturing, consulting, engineering, and research and development activity.