Tax and Utilities

Alberta has one of most competitive tax environments in North America. Alberta does not have provincial retail sales tax, provincial capital taxes, payroll taxes or machinery and equipment taxes. Alberta has low personal income taxes with the highest basic and spousal amounts in Canada. This allows people to earn more before they pay tax, and attracts skilled labour. Low corporate income taxes also attract investment and help Alberta businesses compete in the global marketplace.

Tax and utility rates are determined annually. The average assessed commercial/industrial value is generally lower than in other parts of the Calgary Region, generating lower taxes (on a square foot basis) in Turner Valley for comparable enterprise operating space.

Utilities are billed every 2nd month beginning in January and are due within 30 days of the billing date. Utility fees are transferred to the tax roll if unpaid. Payments can be made by pre-authorized debit, or by cheque or debit in the municipal office. Royal Bank and Alberta Treasury Branch will also process online tax and utilities payments.

Visit our Taxation and Utilities pages for more information on commercial and residential rates.