Town Council 2013-2017

Town Council is comprised of a Mayor and six Councillors, who are elected by the citizens of Turner Valley every four years.

Mayor Kelly Tuck
Mayor Tuck is committed to getting the job done! Recent Council proposals to revitalize Turner Valley’s main core and prioritizing conservation and efficiency are some of the things she is most dedicated to as Mayor. Additionally, Kelly is seeking to increase joint programs with neighbouring municipalities and is committed to saving the taxpayers money by applying for grants to fund community-based initiatives.
Councillor Barry Crane
Originally from Newfoundland, Councillor Crane represents the next generation of voters. A dedicated family man, Barry believes that it is important to make change through action and has demonstrated this through his participation and involvement in community organizations.
Councillor Dona Fluter
Councillor Fluter is in her fourth term as a municipal representative having served as both Mayor and Councillor in the past. She is a longtime area resident with deep commitment to the community. Dona has served on numerous committees for the region, and has owned and operated successful local businesses.
Councillor Lane Park
Born and raised in the area, Councillor Park is in his second term as Councillor. Lane serves on several area boards and committees and is currently employed by the MD of Foothills.
Councilor Gerald Pfeil
Councillor Pfeil is a longtime area resident serving in his second term as Councillor. He is committed to taking relevant courses in municipal administration and has a background in HR. Gerald and his family are regular volunteers at local area events.
Councillor Sandra Rishaug
Recently retired, Councillor Rishaug’s career was in accounting in several different industries. Raised in Turner Valley, Sandra is dedicated to volunteering with local organizations and is serving her second term as Councillor.
Councillor John Waring
Newly elected, Councillor Waring brings many necessary skills to the Turner Valley Council team. John has served on numerous Community Boards and actively participated in many projects within the Town. His work both locally and internationally has provided him with an understanding of the needs and concerns of both the people and the municipality. He is here to listen to your concerns and focus on contributing to a strong relationship between Council and community.