Garbage (Solid Waste) Collection

Garbage TruckTurner Valley provides automated curbside garbage collection to residents. All garbage should be bagged before being placed in your cart. One large bag or several smaller white kitchen bags will prevent garbage from getting stuck in the bin.

Carts must be on the curb by 7:30 am. Once your garbage is collected return your cart to a secure location on your property.



New residents should contact the Municipal Office to obtain their garbage bin. Garbage bins remain the property of the Town of Turner Valley – please do not take them with you if you move. Garbage bin maintenance is the responsibility of the resident. Please remove your cart from the street after garbage is collected and store it in a secure location where it is unlikely to be stolen or damaged. Damaged, lost or stolen carts are replaced at a cost to the resident.

Collection Schedule

Pick-up occurs for residents on the North side of Sunset Boulevard and all residences north to Dunham Lane, including Seclusion Valley.

Pick-up occurs for residents on the South side of Sunset Boulevard and all residences south to Bailey Ridge.



Park it: Bin

Place your blue cart on the street with the wheels against the curb or roadway. Carts must be on the street by 7:30 a.m. on collection day with the lid fully closed. Ensure the cart is not overfilled by confirming the ‘blue on blue’ rule, meaning the lid is fully closed and the front of the blue lid is touching the front of the blue cart, or your garbage will not be collected.

Please do not place additional garbage beside your cart. Additional waste must be disposed of on the next collection day, or by the resident at a local transfer station.

Space it:

Ensure your cart has at least 1 metre / 3 feet of clearance on either side to avoid obstruction by parked cars, light standards, street signs, mailboxes or other obstacles.

Point it: 

Align your cart on the curb so that the arrows point towards the centre of the street.


Automated Curbside Collection
Please refer to the Waste Management Bylaw for more information.