Get Back to Nature

Experience nature first-hand and learn more about local ecosystems and you will have the tools to contribute to a sustainable future for our community in the wilds of Alberta.

Take a hike! Or just go adventuring in our backyard. It will be sure to deepen your appreciation for the land, water, flowers, birds and animals native to the area.

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Native Species

Turner Valley lies in a transitional area of the Alberta Foothills where prairie meets forest before merging with the Rockies. There is a diversity of flora and fauna found here as well as many migratory species.

Learning about the native species in our area develops a sense of stewardship exemplified by protected spaces like the Sheep River Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area.

Visit Nature Alberta for information on birds, mammals, fish, insects, reptiles, plants, trees and fungi native to the province.

Many courses are offered and supported in the surrounding area by a variety of not-for-profit and community groups to foster engagement with the region’s ecosystems.