Horseback Riding


Riding west of Turner Valley

Riding along the Sheep River Trail west of Turner Valley

Equestrian backcountry activities with campsites adjacent to corrals are available at both Sandy McNabb and Bluerock. Sheep River Provincial Park also has many trails into the foothills to enjoy with your companions while you take in the surroundings.

Sandy McNabb Equestrian

Bluerock Equestrian

Equestrian Trails


‘Somehow an early morning to trailer out west of Turner Valley is much easier to swallow than one to head into the office. The prospect of enjoying a ride with family and friends is what gets me out of bed this cool, frosty morning.  The anticipation of colors I will see, and just to hear the crunch of leaves under the hooves of our four legged friends is one that makes my feet hit the floor with a bounce.

We arrive early, and tack up our horses as we fill our lungs with the fresh scent that is readily available in this fine equestrian facility. How lucky are we that this is just so close to home, and is ours for the taking.  Lunches are packed in the saddle bags and we head out on the trail.  The golden hue we ride through, with the trees all aglow with fall colors that are nothing short of breathtaking.  There is a soft light that surrounds us like the hug from an old friend.  Personally, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day than riding in the Foothills!’