2017 Water Meter Replacement Program

The Town of Turner Valley has identified a number of households requiring new water meters.  The new meters are digital auto-read, radio-transmitter type meters which make it easier and more efficient to obtain readings. The Water Meter Replacement Program provides a free new meter and installation to affected homes.

Eligible homeowners have been sent a letter outlining the details of the program, and are asked to book appointments via phone (toll free) 1-877-883-2228 or by accessing the web site http://accuflo.appointy.com.

Crews will be working in your area for a limited time during the months of APRIL and MAY 2017.

The Water Meter Installation Program is an important part of the potable water balance process and ensures equitable billing for all residents in the Town of Turner Valley. Thank you for your support and cooperation in making this program a success.

Program Schedule