Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) – Ministerial Order Updates

The Town of Turner Valley is required to provide public notice of all submissions made to Alberta Environment. The following is a log of such communications in order of posting.

Cost Decision

Costs Decision Letter – May 13

Costs Decision

Water Works Advisory Committee

March 30, 2016
Water Works Advisory Committee Presentation

Annual Water Treatment Plant Reports

February 18, 2016
2015 Annual Waterworks Report

2015 Annual Diversion Report

Cost Submissions

January 27, 2016
Cost Submission of the Town of Turner Valley

Letter January 20 2016 – Appellant Final Costs

Walsh-Walker Costs

EP/TV Meeting – MO Clarity

January 8, 2016
2015 12 09_Rev 1_Meeting_Notes_TV_AEP

Subject: Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

December 17, 2015
As per Amending Approval 1242-02-04  3.2.7 to 3.2.9 (see attached)

As of December 17, 2015 the Town of Turner Valley is operating the Water Treatment Upgrade as follows:

  • an additional rapid sand filter;
  • UV disinfection system;
  • On-site sodium hypochlorite generation system; and
  • Biologically activated carbon filtration system

Subject: Turner Valley admin non-compliance – approval 1242. – Reference #306418 

December 17, 2015
Please accept the following as the explanation for the admin. Non-compliance:

Approval number 1242, Section 17,2.1.10.
The approval holder is to ensure the Water Works Advisory Committee (WWAC) meets twice per year.
The approval holder is awaiting Municipal Affairs to appoint a facilitator for subject meetings…this has yet to happen, therefore, unlikely two or one meeting will occur in 2015. The approval holder is not in control of this process.

Waterworks System Amending Approvals 

October 21, 2015
The Town of Turner Valley is in receipt of the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board decision respecting the various appeals of its waterworks system amending approvals. We are pleased to report that the Board found the terms and conditions in the Amending Approvals are “more than adequate” to provide proper protection to the users of the Town’s water supply. The Town is reviewing the balance of the Board’s findings and recommendations and will provide its comments in due course. Please refer to the Board’s Report and Recommendations, and the Minister’s Order for more information.

EAB Ministerial Order – Oct 2015

EAB Report and Recommendations – Oct 2015

EAB Letter and Ministerial Order – Oct 2015