Water Licence Transfer of Allocation Notice

Notice is given that Town of Turner Valley has filed an application to permanently transfer 36,367 cubic metres of water at a rate of 648 cubic metres per day supplied by wells hydraulically connected to the Sheep River in NW-6-20-2-W5M. The licence being considered was issued for Municipal (Urban Water Supply) purposes and has priority numbers of 1979-01-11-002 and 1979-01-11-003.

For more information, please see the Water Licence Transfer of Allocation Notice.

Any person who is directly affected by the application may submit a statement of concern to:

Environment and Parks
Regulatory Approvals Centre
5th Floor, South Petroleum Plaza
9915 108 Street
Edmonton, AB T5K 2G8
Phone: 780-427-6311
Fax: 780-422-0154
Email: aep.waapplications@gov.ab.ca