Permits are required for all new developments, buildings and additions as well as for business signage. Residential developments require permits to make sure that houses meet municipal and provincial building, land use and safety standards. Please see the Land Use Bylaw and Land Use Map for more information on acceptable builds in Turner Valley.

Development Permit

Development permits are required for all new construction and major renovations or structural changes to existing buildings. A permit may also be required to change land or building usage. To apply for a development permit, please submit the application form, relevant documents and applicable fees to the municipal office.

Development Permit Application

Building Permits

A building permit is required for new construction, demolition, relocation, or major repairs or alterations to existing buildings or structures. As of August 1, 2016, Park Enterprises will be responsible for building permits. For more information please see the Introducing Park Enterprises notice.

To apply for a building permit, please submit the application form and pertinent documents to Park Enterprises LTD. These forms can be emailed, faxed or mailed into Park Enterprises. Please see the permit applications below for contact information.

Building Permit Application with Fee Schedule

Footing and Foundation Permit Application

In addition to a building permit, electric, gas and plumbing permits are required to install or modify electrical wiring, plumbing or gas fixtures. Licensed electrical, plumbing and gas contractors are responsible for obtaining these permits.

Electrical Permit Application with Fee Schedule

Gas Permit Application with Fee Schedule

Plumbing Permit Application with Fee Schedule

Sign Development Permit

An approved sign development permit is required before any commercial, industrial or home occupation may place a sign. Please refer to the Land Use Bylaw or contact the Planning Department prior to the design and placement of your proposed sign as some restrictions exist.

Sign Development Permit

Commercial Occupancy Permit

A commercial occupancy permit is required for buildings in which any occupation, trade, profession or craft are occurring and are the primary reason for occupying a building or portion thereof. Commercial occupancy may require additional development permits if alterations are being made to the building. A business licence will be required for operating within Town limits.

Commercial Occupancy Permit Application

Home Occupation Permits

Under the Land Use Bylaw, a home occupation is defined as any occupation, trade, profession or craft carried out by the occupant, secondary to the residential use of the lot. The lot may not have any exterior evidence of such secondary use. An entrepreneur must first apply for a home occupation permit, returning the completed application to the Town Office before a business licence will be approved.

Home Occupation Guidelines

Home Occupation Permit