Health and Wellness

Turner Valley is supported by Alberta Health Services and many additional social support organizations offered in the surrounding area.

Alberta Health Services

Oilfields General Hospital provides comprehensive health services to area residents that include an emergency department, mental health support, and lab and imaging services. Alberta Health Services also provides Home Care through the Oilfields General Hospital, Health Link for advice from nurses and health care professionals and information about seniors’ health options.

Foothills Family Medical Centre

The Foothills Family Medical Centre is staffed with dedicated physicians to serve area residents.

Seniors’ Well-Being

Seniors wellness in Turner Valley is supported by the Foothills Foundation which provides assisted living facility around the region.

The Government of Alberta Ministry of Seniors provides additional resources and services and publishes an annual Seniors’ Programs and Services Guide with service details.

Affordable Housing

The Foothills Foundation is a not-for-profit housing management organization with a mandate to provide safe affordable housing opportunities and services to individuals and families in the partnering municipalities.

Other Health and Wellness Services

The area surrounding Turner Valley is also supported by a number of practitioners offering dental, vision, chiropractic and physiotherapy services as well as dependable pharmacies.