Emergency Management Agency

Dial 911 for Fire, Medical or Police emergency response.

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Turner Valley Alert – Emergency Notification System

Residents and businesses are encouraged to visit the Turner Valley Alert page to sign up for alerts, notifications and resources. Turner Valley Alert will provide timely information and will help you and your family prepare for future emergencies.

Alberta Emergency Alert

When disaster strikes, get more information and take appropriate action to protect yourself and your family.

Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to assist you – providing you with critical information about an immediate disaster, where it is occurring and what action you need to take. Alerts are broadcast over radio and television and it is now possible to have alerts delivered to your smart phone or computer.

Turner Valley Emergency Management Agency

The Turner Valley Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) was established by the Province of Alberta Emergency Management Act. The Act directs each municipality to establish an emergency management agency to “act as the agent of the local authority in exercising the local authority’s powers and duties under the Act.”

TEMA is comprised of designates from central stakeholders in emergency management. These stakeholders include First Responders (Fire Department, RCMP and EMS), Town departments, utility providers, industry, Municipal and Provincial government bodies, and educational institutions.

TEMA partners with other Town departments, corporations, community groups and non-governmental organizations to increase Turner Valley’s capacity to be prepared for and recover from a disaster. During a disaster or emergency, TEMA facilitates the coordination of emergency services and other resources used to lessen the negative impacts of the event.

Emergency Preparedness

Whether a flood, severe weather, pandemic, or extended power outage, emergencies can occur anywhere at any time. It is not always possible to avoid these emergencies, but it is possible to be prepared.

Preparing an emergency plan and a 72-hour kit will help you cope until emergency services can reach you and will allow them to focus their efforts on those in immediate danger.

The federal government has produced several documents to assist you in the development of you emergency preparations on their Get Prepared site.

Flood Recovery

The Town of Turner Valley and the Government of Alberta continue work on flood recovery and future mitigation. For more information visit the province’s flood webpage.

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