Municipal Enforcement

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The Town of Turner Valley is served by community Peace Officers and an on-call Animal Control Officer. They are based out of the local RCMP Detachment to support and assist in municipal enforcement duties within the Town of Turner Valley.

Peace Officers and Bylaw Concerns

Turner Valley’s Peace Officers are responsible for enforcing Town Bylaws. To report a bylaw concern please leave a message by phone or submit a Resident Concern Form and the issue will be addressed as quickly as possibly.

t.  403.863.4341

Please note that some personal information will need to be provided in order to lodge a complaint so that additional details can be gathered if necessary. Your personal information is secure and will not be disclosed to any third party without explicit consent. Complaints made anonymously will not be acted upon.

Animal Control 

Please contact the Animal Control Officer for animals running at large and return of lost pets. Other animal related concerns like excessive barking, dog bites and wildlife issues must be directed to a Peace Officer or the RCMP.

t. 403.333.1290 or 403.863.4341

For more information on animal licensing and the shared municipal pound service please visit the Animal Control page.


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