Planning and Development

Planning and development projects in Turner Valley are regulated by the Land Use Bylaw which outlines the ideal variety of housing, the location of shops and services, and the development potential of each property. Please see the Interactive Land Use Map for more details.

The Land Use Bylaw assists in the implementation of the Municipal Development Plan, the Area Structure Plans, the Area Redevelopment Plans, and other policy documents.

The Bylaw includes:

  • procedures to process and decide on a change of land use (redesignation);
  • procedures to process, decide, and appeal development permits;
  • permitted and discretionary uses and development rules (minimum standards) for each land use district;
  • land use districts for the Town as shown on the Land Use Map; and
  • general rules for landscaping, setbacks from the road, floodplains, etc.

Planning ensures that Turner Valley develops in a way that is consistent with the social, cultural and economic goals of residents and guarantees a bright future for our town.

For more information on planning and development, please contact the Municipal Office.

Planning Department