Municipal Planning

Sustainable Municipal Development Plan Update

The Town of Turner Valley’s Municipal Development Plan, a policy document that guides Town Council’s decision-making on growth and development in the community, is currently under review with new goals for long term development being integrated to ensure future sustainability.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a land use planning tool developed jointly by two or more municipalities. Our IDP focuses on cohesive development for the Town of Turner Valley, the Town of Black Diamond and the Municipal District of Foothills.

We are currently working with our partner municipalities to review and redevelop the IDP to guarantee a bright future for the region. View a summary of the open house that was held early in 2014 here: Intermunicipal Development Plan Workshop Summary.

Town Square

The Town Square redevelopment project remains a priority for Council.

Area Structure Plans

Area Structure Plans (ASPs) are documents that are approved by Council as municipal bylaws and outline general planning frameworks for subdivisions and developments. Area structure plans provide principles and objectives to guide future development in areas of the municipality by identifying general locations for major land uses (eg. residential, commercial, industrial, schools and parks), major roadways, utility servicing, trail systems and potential population density. The Town of Turner Valley has several approved Area Structure Plans.

Dunham Area Structure Plan

Gateways of Turner Valley Area Structure Plan

Draft Okalta and Cuffling Area Redevelopment Plan

The purpose of the Draft Okalta and Cuffling Area Redevelopment Plan is to ensure that future development in Okalta-Cuffling Flats occurs in a logical and orderly manner. More specifically, growth must align with necessary upgrades to municipal services and infrastructure, and respect the unique identity that makes Turner Valley a desirable place to live – an identity premised on heritage appreciation, environmental stewardship, cultural development, and small town lifestyle. The Plan examines current conditions in the area and makes recommendations about how potential future growth can be accommodated in ways that are both financially and environmentally sustainable. This document has not been adopted and is currently under review.

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Okalta Area Structure Plan

Draft Okalta-Cuffling Flats Area Redevelopment Plan