Roads are managed by the Town’s Operations and Engineering Department which works to develop efficient strategies for maintaining and improving municipal infrastructure. Our Public Works staff makes every effort to ensure the roadways and alleys are maintained and kept accessible to residents.

Snow Removal

During any snowstorm, the Town of Turner Valley is committed to keeping primary and collector roadways open and safe for the motoring public. Priority is given to emergency routes. A snow and ice control program has been developed and will be implemented during the winter season.

Please see the Snow and Ice Control Priority Map and Snow and Ice Control Bylaw for more information.

Highway Maintenance

Maintenance of Highway 22 and Sunset Boulevard fall under the provincial jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation. Volker Stevin is the current contractor for all aspects of road maintenance on these to streets with assistance from the Public Works Department.

Public Works is responsible for: 
  • Snow and ice control
  • Street sweeping
  • Alley grading
  • Line painting
  • Crack and pothole filling
  • Sidewalk repair and maintenance
  • Coordination and management of infrastructure projects

Street Cleaning and Lane Grading

Street sweeping and lane grading take place in the spring and fall of each year. Priority areas are the downtown commercial district, primary collector streets followed by residential areas. Notification signs are posted in advance on streets scheduled to be swept.

Sweeping starts as early as 6:00am. Please remove vehicles form the street the night before. Sweepers cover streets only once and will not return to clean areas that were missed because of parked vehicles.

Street sweeping may be interrupted by inclement weather, equipment failure or other operational emergencies. Staff do their best to get to your street as quickly as possible. We appreciate your cooperation during street sweeping.

Questions and Concerns

We are committed to maintaining safe roads, sidewalks, alleyways and walkways. Please contact the municipal office if you come across hazards or submit a Resident Concern Form.