Each year the Town of Turner Valley establishes its tax rate according to the budgetary requirements for municipal services to function and long-term planning to occur.

The budget is usually passed by Council in December. Property tax rates are then legislated based on all available sources of revenue for the Town.

2017 Tax Rates Amendment

2017 Tax Rates

2016 Tax Rates

2015 Tax Rates

2014 Tax Rates

Services paid for by Property (Municipal) Taxation

Paying Your Taxes

Taxes are due by June 30.
Late tax payments incur a 6% penalty on July 1 and again on October 1 on any current unpaid balance unless you are enrolled in the Tax Installment Payment Plan. On January 1 late tax payments incur an additional 12% penalty on the total outstanding amount, as per the Imposition of Tax Penalties Bylaw.

For more information on paying your taxes and how your taxes are calculated please refer to the 2017 Property Tax Brochure.

TIPP – Tax Installment Payment Plan

TIPP, the Tax Installment Payment Plan, is an easy and convenient tax payment process that divides your property tax into monthly payments spread across the year, helping you budget for other expenses while avoiding a large lump sum.

To enroll in TIPP, please submit the Tax Installment Payment Plan Application form to the municipal office.

To cancel or change TIPP authorization, please submit a TIPP Cancel – Change Authorization form to the municipal office.

Local Improvement Taxes (Levies) 

 Local Improvement Taxes (Levy) are used by many Alberta municipalities to support the costs of improving or replacing local infrastructure assets or revitalizing neighborhoods without burdening all taxpayers. for more information, please see the Local Improvement Tax Information- FAQ.

Senior Property Tax Information

The Seniors Property Tax Deferral (SPTD) program allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their annual residential property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the government. To apply, submit a completed Senior’s Property Tax Deferral Form to the Province of Alberta.

Tax Certificates

To obtain a Tax Certificate please fax a request to our Finance Department. In your request please include the possession date along with a copy of a signed cheque for the fee amount of $30.00.

Cheque is the preferred method of payment as we cannot process credit card transactions.

Cash and debit will be accepted directly at the municipal office.

Attn: Tax Department
f. 403.933.5377

Assessment Roll 

2016 Assessment Roll for 2017 Tax for Turner Valley

2016 Assessment Summary

2015 Assessment Roll for 2016 Tax for Turner Valley

2014 Assessment Roll for 2015 Tax for Turner Valley

2013 Assessment Roll for 2014 Tax for Turner Valley

Please see our Property Assessment and Rates page for more information on how taxes are calculated.

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