Billing and Payments

The Town of Turner Valley is responsible for Garbage, Recycling, Water and Sewer utilities, the costs of which are billed to residents bi-monthly according to the rates listed below.

UtilityResidential Commercial
Water - Base Rate$33.00$33.00
Water - 0.00-10.00 cubic meters$2.15/cubic meter$2.35/cubic meter
Water - 10.01-20.00 cubic meters$2.20/cubic meter$2.35/cubic meter
Water - 20.01-30.00 cubic meters$2.25/cubic meter$2.35/cubic meter
Water - 30.01-45.00 cubic meters$2.30/cubic meter$2.35/cubic meter
Water - over 45 cubic meters$2.35/cubic meter$2.35/cubic meter
Sewer - Base Rate$33.00$33.00
Sewer100% of water consumption100% of water consumption
Automated Garbage Collection$21.00$21.00
Recycling Centre Fee$12.00$16.00

Residential Utility Billing Information
Commercial and Industrial Utility Billing Information

Submitting Utilities Payments

Utilities payments can be made to the Town of Turner Valley by cash, cheque or debit at the municipal office, or by direct debit through your financial institution.

To sign up for direct debit of your utilities charges please submit the Utilities Pre-Authorized Payment form to the municipal office. If you would like to amend pre-authorized payments please submit the Cancel/Change Pre-Authorized Payments form to the municipal office.

Activating and Deactivating Residential Utilities

If you are moving in to or out of your home in Turner Valley please submit either the:
Move In Notification to have your utilities services activated, or the
Move Out Notification to have your utilities services terminated.

All forms are also available at the municipal office.

Utility Billings for Rental Properties (Water, Sewer, Garbage, Recycling)

Utility billing must remain in the name of the property owner. Bills may no longer be sent directly to the tenant.

Unpaid utility bills are transferred to the property tax roll, therefore non-payment by a tenant will impact the owner’s taxes. While it is convenient for owners to have a tenant billed directly, it can create a serious problem when tenants are delinquent in paying these bills, which are then transferred to the owner’s tax roll. The owner remains responsible for these payments, even if the property is rented.

If you currently own a rental property with direct tenant billing in place, we will continue that arrangement until such time as the property becomes vacant. Once the property is vacated by the current tenant, the option of direct tenant billing will no longer be offered.

For information on additional utilities not managed by the Town of Turner Valley, including gas, electricity, phone and internet please see the Privately Managed Utilities page.


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