Spray Park

Bring the kids and a picnic and enjoy the warm summer days in Turner Valley!

The spray park, a partnership initiative of the Town of Turner Valley and Foothills Lions Club, opened in the spring of 2015. This is a public park, free to all visitors.Spray Park

Spray Park Hours

The spray park is open daily through the spring and summer months from 9:00am-7:00pm and is sensor activated operating only when children trigger the features.

Water Recycling System

The spray park was designed using a closed loop water recycling system. Water dispersed from the spray features is recollected, filtered, treated by chlorination and ultraviolet light to disinfect, and recycled through the pumping system to be reused. A small amount of new water is inserted each cycle to replace any lost due to evaporation and splash out. The water is monitored by our Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool staff and is regulated by the same public health rules as a swimming pool.