The Turner Valley Brand

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Town of Turner Valley’s Brand

In 2013, Turner Valley Town Council approved a community brand, including a new logo. The Town’s new Economic Development Plan: New Directions, the municipal brand focuses on Turner Valley’s community vision to promote its special connection to nature.

The new brand is more than a logo – it’s a way of talking about what Turner Valley is and what it aims to be to residents, the Calgary Region, potential investors and new residents. The new Turner Valley logo is a modern interpretation of a ‘leaf,’ symbolizing environmental stewardship that lies at the heart of the community’s values, green initiatives to come, and proximity to Kananaskis. Movement is up and to the right, reflecting the steep rise of Alberta’s foothills to meet the front face of the Rocky Mountains portrayed in the logo. Colours reflect Alberta’s blue skies and green summer landscape.

Back to Nature replaces “Glowing Past – Bright Future” and is a literal interpretation of Turner Valley’s location at the foot of the Rockies while reflecting pursuit of a greener vision where Kananaskis, environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyle, and artistic and cultural expression are symbiotic and attract new investment and new residents.

Town of Turner Valley Brand Manual