Chief Administrative Officer

Under the Municipal Government Act (MGA), Council must appoint a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to act as the administrative head of the municipality. The CAO is responsible for ensuring the implementation of Town policies and procedures, advising Council on the municipality’s affairs and operations, and any additional duties as mandated by Council.

Additionally, the CAO ensures Council meeting minutes are recorded, bylaws and other records are maintained, and revenue and expenditures of the municipality are recorded accurately as outlined by the Municipal Government Act (MGA)

The current CAO is an author, and former Councillor who served as the communication liaison during the spring flood of 2013. The CAO has completed courses with AUMA and has served as Chair to the QUAD Regional Water Partnership Governance Committee.

Office of the CAO

Town of Turner Valley
514 Windsor Ave NW
Box 330
Turner Valley,  AB,  T0L 2A0

t. 403.933.4944