Town Council

Town Council is the elected governing body of the Town of Turner Valley as mandated by the Municipal Government Act. Council is responsible for setting the overall direction of the Town through bylaws or resolutions. Councillors must collaborate to ensure policies, town administrative duties, and municipal development initiatives and programs are working as they should for the overall well-being of residents and the success of the municipality.

Municipal Government Act

Excerpts from Sections 153 and 154 of The Municipal Government Act

153 Councillors have the following duties:

  • to consider the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole and to bring to council’s attention to anything that would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality;
  • to participate generally in developing and evaluating the policies and programs of the municipality;
  • to participate in council meetings and council committee meetings and meetings of other bodies to which they are appointed by the council;
  • to obtain information about the operation or administration of the municipality from the chief administrative officer or a person designated by the chief administrative officer;
  • to keep in confidence matters discussed in private at a council or council committee meeting until discussed at a meeting held in public;
  • to perform any other duty or function imposed on Councillors by this or any other enactment or by the council.

(1) A chief elected official, in addition to performing the duties of a Councillor, must:

  • preside when in attendance at a council meeting unless a bylaw provides that another Councillor or other person is to preside, and
  • perform any other duty imposed on a chief elected official by this or any other enactment or bylaw

(2) The chief elected official is a member of all council committees and all bodies to which council has the right to appoint members under this Act, unless the council provides otherwise.


Legislative Services Manager
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Chief Administrative Officer
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