Council Meetings

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the first Monday and third Monday of the month at 6:30pm, except where they fall on statutory holidays when they are held on the next business day. Regular Council Meetings are typically not held in July and August, but Special Meetings may be called if required.

Council meetings are open to the public, unless they deal specifically with the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act or sections of the Municipal Government Act related to labour, legal or land issues which are discussed in-camera. However, all decisions are made publicly.

Agendas and Minutes

Council Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes of Council are published regularly on our CivicWeb page. Publishing Council meeting agendas and minutes online is intended to facilitate public feedback on proposals and projects. Please contact the municipal office for documents published prior to 2013.

Delegations, Presentations and Decisions

Individuals or groups may request to be included on a Council meeting agenda as a delegation. This provides members of the public 15 minutes to present to Council. A maximum of 3 delegations are permitted during any Council meeting. Delegations are required to speak only to the subject submitted.

Delegations interested in presenting to Council must submit a request, in writing, to the Manager of Legislative Services no later than 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. The request should clearly specify the issue to be addressed, provide an outline of concerns, and include all supporting documents to be used during the presentation such as presentation notes and slideshows. If handouts are to be submitted 10 copies are required.

Members of Council may ask questions for clarification relevant to the subject of the delegation or presentation and will make decisions, if required, in the New Business section of the meeting, or at the next regular meeting following the presentation.

The Manager of Legislative Services will contact you to confirm your request and supporting documents have been received, and will provide you with an estimated presentation time at the corresponding Council meeting.

Question Period

A 15 minute question period is scheduled at the start of regular Council meetings. Residents wishing to address Council during this section of the agenda must submit the Question Period Form to the Manager of Legislative Services prior to the start of the Council Meeting. Forms will also be available within Council Chambers for paper submission prior to the meeting.  The subject must take the form of a question, be concise and specific, and be presented in 5 minutes or less.

Subjects that may not be addressed during question period include:

  • Any matter that will be the subject of a bylaw requiring a public hearing, or for which a public hearing has already been held; or any bylaw that is scheduled for first reading.
  • The promotion of commercial products or services which have no connection to the business of the Town.
  • Any matter that has been considered previously by Council which staff are working on, or staff have completed to Council’s satisfaction.

Councillors may ask for clarification of the relevant subject matter although debate of the issue is not permitted during question period. If an immediate answer is not available, the resident may be given a reply through the CAO or assigned designate, as soon as possible.

Public Hearings

Many bylaws, and all land use bylaws, require advertising and a public hearing before Council may approve them. Notice of a public hearing will be posted on the municipal website and advertised in the local paper prior to the event and after the first reading of the proposed bylaw has occurred at a regular Council meeting.

Public hearings provide individuals and groups an opportunity to speak in favour or objection of a proposed bylaw. Following a public hearing, Council will consider the information presented before moving a proposed bylaw to third reading where a bylaw may be passed.


If you are unable to attend a meeting, but would like a matter to be considered by Council, a letter or similar communication may be addressed to the Manager of Legislative Services no later than 12 noon on the Wednesday prior to the meeting. Communications must clearly outline your subject matter and include the signature and contact information of the writer. Communications may be included in full or part on the agenda or may be referred to an appropriate staff member for response prior to submission to Council.

Please note that because Council meetings are public, information submitted for inclusion on agendas are considered public documents.

Please refer to the Council Procedure Bylaw for more information.


Heather Thomson
Manager of Legislative Services