Town Sustainability Projects

The Town of Turner Valley is committed to practicing the highest standards of conservation and sustainability, and works continuously to develop new policies and initiatives to minimize energy consumption, protect the local environment and support residents in reducing, reusing and recycling.


Turner Valley is a member of CRAZ – the Calgary Region Airshed Zone. CRAZ monitors and analyzes the regional airshed zone to develop strategies for maintaining and improving local air quality. Turner Valley’s passive air quality monitor is located just north of town off Highway 22.

CRAZ Passive Network Map

Solar Power

Turner Valley has installed solar power systems at both the Water Treatment Plant and the Town Shop. The 4.83kw array of solar panels at the Water Treatment Plant produces approximately 15 megawatts of energy a year – enough energy to power a house for almost 2 years.

The second solar panel system provides the Town Shop with enough energy that it is almost completely self-sufficient.

Solar Array

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

The Town of Turner Valley has upgraded its outdoor lighting to low energy, high efficiency LED bulbs at the municipal office and the Fire Hall, reducing overall costs to residents.

LEED Certified Library

The Sheep River Library is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building. It was designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency using sustainable building materials and practices.


Sheep River Library Silver LEED Rating