Kananaskis Country

Turner Valley acts as a gateway to Kananaskis Country and Sheep River Provincial Park west of town which offer a variety of events, courses, recreational facilities and activities for locals and visitors to get Back to Nature. A variety of trails, picnic areas, sightseeing and camping opportunities welcome hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, cross-country skiers, and those out for a quiet drive in the country.

“Yesterday we drove west towards Bluerock. We stopped to visit with a researcher from the University of Alberta who runs the biology projects in the area. He trains the budding naturalists. Anyway, we’re gabbing away at the side of the road and out of the woods strolls a black bear about 50 meters away! He grazes around not even paying attention to us until a pick-up spooked him and he ran across the road and up into the bush.

Afterwards, we drove back to Windy Point and went for a hike. We spotted a big group of bighorn rams sunning themselves on a hillside and decided to sneak up on the sheep to get some photos. Carefully, and slowly, we slid and climbed down the steep grassy east side of Windy Point out of sight of the sheep, and quietly came along a ridge to the edge where the sheep had been. Oh, what great sneaker-uppers we were! We got there, eased over the top through some trees and there below us…a big fat nothing! Nothing as far as the eye could see. We figured that while we carefully, and quietly, sneaked off the top, they carefully, and quietly, sneaked into the bush below.

We got back to the car and, lo, there was a black bear going up where we had just come down!  We forgot that we have seen this Windy Point bear several times!

Did I mention the Sandhill Cranes we saw on the way out, just by Anchor D? We also saw quite a few deer and some elk.

It was a good day, and one we wanted to share!”

Sandhill Cranes