Water and Sewer

The Town of Turner Valley is committed to providing potable water to residents in both Turner Valley and Black Diamond. The Town works diligently with regional partners and the Province of Alberta to facilitate distribution and ensure quality.

See our Utilities Billing and Payments page for residential and industrial water costs and visit our Water Conservation, Water Treatment and Quad Regional Water Partnership pages for more information water management in Turner Valley.


The Town of Turner Valley is responsible for municipal sewer maintenance and has implemented a leak detection program. This program works by pressure testing the water lines and then listening for leaks within the system at hydrants, curb-stops and main valves.

If your sump pump runs frequently through dry weather conditions or during the winter, or you notice running water or a persistent puddle, please contact the municipal office as there may be a leak within the system.

Sanitary Wipes – Keep the Wipes out of Pipes 

Please refrain from flushing sanitary wipes down the toilet as they have created significant blockages in the Town’s sewage pumps in the past. While these wipes may be marketed as ‘flushable,’ they do not dissolve like toilet paper and will get stuck in sewer pipes and equipment which will result in shutdowns and significant maintenance and repair costs.

Keep the wipes out of pipes and avoid the cost of cleaning up potential sewer backup in your home.

Westend Regional Sewage Services Commission

The Westend Regional Sewage Services Commission was established in 1994 by the Government of Alberta. The Commission is served by members of Council from Turner Valley and Black Diamond and its mandate is to regulate sewage management in the two towns.

 24 hour Water and Sewer line: 403.933.5190

Town Water and Sewer Line Locates

Call the Town before you Dig!

Did you know that Alberta One Call does not locate your water and sewer lines? To have these critical services marked before you dig, call the municipal office at 403.933.4944 and request a water and sewer line locate. A Town operator will come to your property to complete the request.

Residents are requested to provide at least 24 hours advanced notice for line locates during the workweek. Weekend locates are not available.

Even seemingly minor excavations such as sinking fence posts, planting trees or other landscaping require calls to Alberta One Call 1.800.242.3447 and the municipal office 403.933.4944.

These FREE services are provided for your safety, as well as to prevent costly mistakes.